Integration Wizards

Over the last few years Enterprise mobility has quickly metamorphosed from desirable to indispensable. Enterprises that have managed to stay ahead of the curve have a very tangible advantage over their competitors. Staying ahead of the curve however comes at a significant cost. With quickly changing technological paradigms and the standards of user experience the mobile apps need constant changes, upgrades and even rewrites. The cost of building and constantly managing the app is a significant overhead on the overall cost of mobility programs.

At Integration Wizards we believe that our customers should not have to pay for building the apps from scratch. Under our free enterprise apps program, we work with our customers to build/customize an app based on their need, free of cost. These enterprise apps are based on our unique mobility platform SILVERLINE.

SILVERLINE business apps while being free, feature native mobile apps that can be used on several devices including iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets and Phones.

How does it work?
Silverline features a suite of common business applications covering important business processes for enterprise applications. These native apps are customizable to a large extent to adjust to the customer’s business process.
Once you have identified the business processes that need to be mobilized our mobility expert will work with you configure/customize it according to the business process. The process of customization includes a seamless integration with the back office systems to upload and download data. The best part of this process is, it is completely free of cost.

OK. What if I need to enhance the application to add more functionality after a year or so?

You can do that using Silverline platform which will be available for you to do any customizations. Alternatively our mobility team would be more than happy to make the changes/enhancements as required. Please note that if you need us to do the enhancements after the first deployment, it will include additional cost for making these changes.

How do I try the Silverline Application Suite?

Please call us at +91 – 9902013750 to arrange a demo and a trial license.

Well everything sounds great, but our business process is very unusual and none of the apps in your suite satisfy my requirements. Is there still a way you can help?

Absolutely. We can build a custom app as per your requirements. The application still gets the best of Silverline while having everything that you need. A completely custom application can be built at an additional cost.