Silverline is a complete cloud based enterprise mobility platform that allows building and deployment of enterprise mobile applications that can run on various devices including iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets and phones. Based on MS Azure, Silverline provides a stable, scalable and secure platform for mobile application development, integration and deployment. The key features of SILVERLINE are given below.

Scalable: Silverline provides on demand scalability. Customers will no longer have to go through cumbersome hardware procurement/upgrade to scale. Whether its 100 users or 10,000 users Silverline can scale effortlessly.

Secure: One of the primary concerns with the enterprise customers in adopting a cloud based solution is security. We at Integration Wizards recognize this and have designed Silverline to address the concern through multi-layer encryption support including the mobile device, the cloud based server itself and also the messaging between device and Cloud. No customer data ever remains on the cloud or in transit without encryption.

Seamless: Back office Enterprise applications are built and matured over time having adjusted to the business process and requirements specific to the customer. It is important that the mobility initiative should not try to reinvent the processes, but provide a seamless extension to the enterprise application that has matured over years.

Silverline – client

Nothing is more crucial to the success of an enterprise mobility program than the end user experience. Be it creating a sales order or submitting an invoice, the mobile app should provide an intuitive and responsive experience to the user. We have tried to bring the user experience of some of the best apps into enterprise apps. Be it effortless scrolling through a list or using multi touch gestures, Silverline business apps are fun to use.

Unlock the full potential of your phone through our Native Apps: Native apps are often used to denote apps that are developed using the device SDK .It is not a secret anymore that native apps are quicker, more responsive and can be designed to use the phones features to the maximum. Be it dealing with large data sets, working with large documents or interacting with phone features like GPS, Camera, Accelerometer etc, there are virtually no limitations to what Native apps can do.
Secure in store, secure in transit: Silverline business apps features multi-layer security for data in store on the device for offline use as well as the data in transit. The local datastore is encrypted and cannot be accessed through any other application other than Silverline apps. The data message when being passed to the server is also encrypted.

Guaranteed notifications: Unlike the common behaviour of several enterprise apps, notifications to the user is not dependent on the app running. As long as the device is connected the user will get notifications. An exhaustive handshake and guaranteed delivery algorithm means messages are never missed. If the device is offline, the notifications are stored and delivered when the device comes back online.

Silverline suite: An employee can participate in several business processes. For example, a sales user might create a sales order and might want to create an invoice after the sales order. A service user might find an upsell opportunity and might want to create a lead at the customer site. While different business processes are best segregated as different apps, it important for them to share information both in online and offline mode. Silverline suite is an application bundle that can seamlessly work together, while maintaining their individual identities. We benefit from a group of applications working seamlessly, we do not have the disadvantage of these applications being dependent on each other. An upgrade to a service application need not impact sales users.

Synchronization: In the end and enterprise mobile app is all about being able to view and update the enterprise data on the mobile devices. How effectively and seamlessly we get the enterprise data on the mobile devices determines, to a large extent, the success of the mobility initiative. Silverline client is equipped with an intelligent synchronization engine that gets and uploads the necessary data on the device.

Silverline – Server

Silverline Server is a complete mobility middleware. Hosted on Microsoft azure it is ultimately responsible for relaying information between the mobile clients and the enterprise systems like SAP, Oracle EBusiness suite, Siebel, Peoplsoft etc. As they say every cloud has a silver lining, Silverline while utilizing the obvious benefits of cloud based architecture attempts to address some common concerns like data security, scalability and data integrity. The key component and features of the Silverline server are given below.

Backend Integration: As is commonly said in the mobility world the acceptance of the mobile application is based on the user interface and its longevity on the robustness of the integration. Integrating with the back office systems are replete with unknowns and challenges. The Silverline server is a result of a gradual learning process of several man years of backend integration experience. Silverline server addresses the most common and obscure issues with back office integration.

We have tried to address several What if’s in with the back office integration. It is not enough to say that back office systems should respond in a specified amount of time, or should ensure unique data items. What if that’s not the case? Based on our experience, back office systems are never what we would want them to be. Several of these systems have been in existence for many years and has evolved with the business. As a result it is not uncommon to see sluggishness while retrieving or inserting data, or have records that are duplicate. Silverline is built to work around these not so obvious but nevertheless real challenges with back office systems today. For instance if querying inventory information from SAP ECC is slow, Silveline has a cloud cache to poll and maintain the information in the background without letting the users experience the sluggishness. As a result the end users will find it simpler to find their parts on Silverline apps as compared to SAP GUI.

Security: Quite simply put, data is never in its raw form at any stage of the integration. The public private key encryption makes it possible to communicate and consume data from the back office systems securely and reliably.

Analytics: We cannot improve what we cannot measure. Number of sales orders created in the field on mobile apps or the most productive and least provide districts in generating leads, Analytics empowers us the measure and understand the application performance to be able to iron out the deficiencies. Silverline dashboard is equipped with several prebuilt reports and ability to create new reports for real-time analysis of application performance.

Application/user Management: The customers get to manage their users through our management portal. User management includes authentication, defining application accesses and user roles.