Integration Wizards

“Empower customers to mobilize their business processes in a Swift, Scalable, Secure and Seamless manner”

At Integration Wizards we empower our customers to mobilize their business processes in a swift, scalable, secure and seamless manner.

Mobility is a very dynamic field. It demands improved intuitive user experience and seamlessness of back office integration at every step. This comes at a significant overhead on the enterprises wanting to be in sync with the changing technology.

Time is running out while an enterprise puts together a team, finds the right platform and strategises on which business processes should be mobilised. And still, the application rarely measures up to the latest requirements of features and functionalities.

We believe Silverline, our complete cloud based mobility platform is the answer.The Business Application suites are prebuilt and customizable allowing enterprise to quickly deploy these to the field. We have also, to a large extent, allowed the enterprises to stop worrying about the swift changes in mobility as we build, customize, maintain their applications for them.

Silverline is about customer enablement. We at Integration Wizards want to help our customers make smart choices with mobility. Silverline delivers the benefits of enterprise mobility now, rather than several months later.